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The Fast n Fresh Story

Where can we go to get a fresh meal with sit down restaurant quality without the hassle and expense of paying for table side service? What if you didn’t have to order off the menu and you could design your own salad and have someone else make it for you? Lesley Harb had the answer to that question and that is how Fast n Fresh was born.

The former owners of the successful Bamboo Bistro, Lesley and Mike Harb have returned with a truly unique restaurant. Lesley has designed an innovative, fresh menu, but she doesn’t stop there. We invite you to be the chef.  With a warm, inviting interior, Fast n Fresh has the charm and feel of a full service restaurant and the value and speed of a quick service restaurant.

Fast n Fresh is committed to serving only the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients. All of our dishes are made from scratch just the way you like it - making it place that not only offers a delicious, fresh meal, but has unlimited options for health nuts and vegetarians too. Since everything is made to order and you can customize your meal, those with dietary restrictions now have a flavorful way to accommodate their dietary restrictions and satisfy their taste buds at the same time!

Career Opportunities

To be considered for a Salad Artist position at one of our three locations, please apply online HERE.

If you have any questions, please direct them to